About Us

One woman's Passion, One woman's Heart! Working towards being the voice for many in need.

By visiting area poverty stricken neighborhoods, speaking to and listening those suffering from mental illnesses and homeless individuals.

The Foundation was then created with one purpose in mind, the community!

Our Founder/President, started her passion at the early age of 18 years old.

Cooking home cooked meals, from her kitchen and delivering them to people on the streets of Houston, Texas.

Shortly after raising four wonderful children and having a healthy marriage with her husband guided by his strong support.

Although she didn't have much, Larrietta loved sharing so she began sharing her own groceries from her home.

She not only did just that! But would also take personal clothing from her closet and load her trunk of her car, with clothing and personal items to give to those that were greatly in need.

Larrietta knew and felt in her heart that it was the right thing to do and something that she was passionate about.

In 2012 she became a Houston's Court Appointed Child Advocate, followed by taking the course to feed the homeless with the Houston Coalition for the Homeless, she earned the certificate to safely feed the homeless. By learning the proper techniques to serve fresh cooked food in the correct, yet safe temperatures. Especially for the Holiday seasons.

Also in her spare  time, Larrietta created crafts, in which she had no knowledge of , but  spent countless hours in the Fort Bend Library, reading books to learn how to create cute crafts, such as hand created soaps, jewelry, candles, sentimental forget me not cards and more. 

Larrietta took pride in this and would once again load up and just pass them out to people, putting a smile on their faces.

Today her Foundation is steady growing and within her strongest belief in faith, positive changes and wonderful things will be developing.

*We are a Faith Based organization, that was established by Larrietta in 2011 in Houston,Texas.

Parent Name: Community Crisis of Hope Foundation, Inc. in 2014.

Formally: The Caring Handz of Texas. Work really hard to ensure that every client needs will always be met.

By the year 2017-2018 we will have a set foundation that will offer a food pantry and other assistance for the community. 


CC Hope will also assist with domestic violence individuals and their families, offering a safe, healthy yet beneficial place to temporarily call home. The foundation will provide to Homeless troubled children and teens a day camp in the summer months. Helping our children and teens focus positively for a brighter future.

We Provide:

No perishable food through our pantry, clothing,shoes through our care closet and toys for children through the year to celebrate birthday's and a Caring is Sharing Christmas program that takes place annually Christmas trees for kids. Household items will also be provided or offered for parents after they leave our facility. Other beneficial programs :  Expressions through Art Studio where children & teens will create and express feelings through art as a form of therapy. Troubled kid and teen summer Day-Camp, Parenting classes, Computer learning, job training, Seniors matter program, H.I.V prevention classes, dress for a brighter success class and The No Sagging program for youths.

We stand dedicated throughout our mission towards the prevention of bullying, domestic violence issues, child abuse, child, senior neglect, homelessness and most of all hunger relief to all.

The Seniors program: Is a very special program and will serve towards the  assistance for the disabled and or Elderly individuals with immediate needs, such as changing light bulbs and ensuring proper A/C & Heating is working in their homes in the summer and winter months or as needed.

We simply offer help to those that are experiencing major hardships, C. C. Hope will refer clients to other agencies in the event that we can not assist them.

Our COMMUNITY is at the heart of our best interest!

Here is where positive GROWTH begins and Continues!

Community Crisis of Hope Foundation, Inc.

We Strongly advocate for school aged children and teens safety, while in public schools. By teaching them that it is okay to TELL or SEEK help...and that it's perfectly okay, to confide in someone trust Campaign. Program will be ongoing, to prevent children from harm and teens from potentially engaging in suicide.

Parents grieve throughout the child's ordeal, 

Loosing a child is one of the most devastating ordeal that a parent may have to experience in their life. 

This is why the no bullying prevention is so important to this organization. No child should suffer while attending any learning institution.

                         Based on Faith, understanding and core efforts this mission can be and will gainfully succeed.

Compassion, hard work, drive and sincerity is who we are! Want to Help? Volunteers are always needed and appreciated, C. C. Hope will select the most caring and sincere volunteers to be on board with us.