Community Crisis of Hope Foundation, will influence positive energy and utilize effective strategies to combat most of the major issues that plague our society, we aim to fight for the rights of others while aiding in the safety of all individuals. Community Crisis of Hope Foundation Inc., strongly encourages support against violence such as bullying, child abuse and domestic violence.

We proudly join in the many wonderful successful organizations, in the effort to relieve hunger, STD prevention, unwanted pregnancies along with LGBT awareness and equality in our community and more.

  • Expressions through Art Studio: Troubled children and teens can and will show their creativeness and expressions through art, as a form of therapy. Finished art will then be auctioned to the public and proceeds will go towards expansions of the art studio, for needed supplies to continue this program.

  • Day Camp: For homeless children living in the (CC Hope Foundation facility) and troubled children and teens for the summer months, helping children and teens focus positively for a bright future. Children will have hands on craft time, recreation time, along with other beneficial programs throughout the summer months.

  • Facilitate: It is with our Faith that we open a Safe Haven building, in the near future to house and provide individuals and families, with a safe place away from Domestic Violence situations.  

  • Un-abused Program: will put in place a reversal method to allow young women and adults learn new avoidance coping skills getting passed old battering situation and bad choices. Learn to rethink their lives convincing themselves that they deserve a fresh start

  • Food Pantry: To assist needy individuals by offering fresh produce and non perishable items in and around surrounding areas throughout the community. Our main goal is to promote healthy eating habits.

  • For the Community: Parenting Classes: Parenting 101 helps parents calm themselves with babies and children in any situation. Such as eliminating child abuse and neglecting in the proper way of parenting. Developing positive and effective, useful outcomes for better healthier happier children.

  • Clean our city streets Houston, Bissonnet st along with beltway 8 has a severe congestion rate of car accidents mainly from texting, and or attention grabbing prostitution that leads to violence and  drugs as well. Our children deserve a better wholesome community to thrive in for future success.

  • Computer Learning: Designed to help those that are computer illiterate, or to advance those that are looking to further their education of the different operating systems, involving computers. They will learn basics and advance techniques such as navigating throughout the internet.

  • Onsite Daycare Facility: Useful for residents of C.C Hope Foundation, to assist working and in school parents benefit from this.

  • H.I.V Prevention Classes: Teaching effective awareness about the disease, by creating and issuing out literature and  video classes about  the importance of abstinence or simply protecting themselves against the virus.

  • Dress for a Brighter Success: This program is very important and is required to become an successful adult in the future for higher achievement rates. Adults will learn the proper dress for interviews to obtain and become gainfully employed.

  • Anti-Bullying Prevention Classes: C. C. Hope FoundationWill focus primarily on the importance of not bullying. The reason why it isn't acceptable and how to report it.

  • The No Sagging Project: Specifically set forth for youths, this method will broaden the mindset of area teens and youths. Implementing change along with the importance of correct dress. {"Pull your Pants Up"} Gaining proper acknowledgement and respect. This is an alarming issue with youths in our community, therefore teaching self esteem is what we are aiming towards.

We are the future of change!

  • Food & Clothing assistance: Hunger is one of our top Priorities, CC Hope Foundation will assist with non perishable food items, also when funding is available will provide a possible $20 meat and poultry Voucher. Used only at near by and participating grocers. Requirements must be meet for this type of assistance. Vouchers will be provided on a once a month and or emergency relief, to eligible clients and their households.

Note: Voucher program is not intended to be a permanent method and will only be awarded for clients meeting a certain criteria on a limited time basis.

  • Household items: Needed for a healthier home and will administer the importance of safety for small children, in the home by issuing out safety electrical outlet plug covers. In an attempt to avoid possible electrocution and or fires to families. Furniture will also be attainable as needed per family depending on availability for qualified applicants. Eligibility requirements must be met, to be awarded furniture or household needs.

  • School Supplies: Assistance will be in place annually and periodically throughout the school year as needed, to keep our children prepared to excel in their studies for brighter success!

  • Healthy baby is Happy baby room: Offering continued help for low income parents, offering car seats, pampers, baby items and more, relieving strain on low income working parents, who may sometime fall short on important items for a healthy baby.

  • Annual Caring is Sharing Christmas program: Residents and the general public will be invited take part in a toy donation at the end of each year, and is made available through public donations and available funding.

  • Reward my Grades Program: Helps motivate children to continue doing well in school, with grades from{ A-B's} student will be allowed to choose an item as a reward for great grades on their report cards for every semester.

  • The Seniors program: This program was solely developed with our seniors in mind and will serve towards the assistance for the disabled and or elderly individuals with immediate needs, such as changing light bulbs and ensuring proper A/C & Heating is working in their homes, along with other assistance as well for safe living conditions.


“Texas ranks 3rd in the nation for food insecurity, meaning one in five adults and one in four children in our state are hungry, and that is simply unacceptable.” – Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples