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Caring & Sharing

Help to make a difference, in getting these moms back to work.

With your help the women can bounce back to reality of being strong minded and efficient mothers to her family. 

These women are returning to the work place and reforming from welfare. 

Many women have left welfare for work since the 1996 welfare law was passed, but most can find only unstable, low-wage jobs that do not enable them to lift their families out of poverty. 

Which is why they need your help. By visiting the wish list you will be assisting a family with relief of some form of hardship.

The clothing that are hand selected are casual to business wear, and aren't price to high making it affordable to our donors,such as yourself.

Please visit our Amazon Moms back to work wish list.

By making a purchase these women can began dressing for success towards a positive change for the better.

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Thank you for Caring & Sharing in these women's future.