We will Gladly Accept:

  • Appliances: Small appliances soon, for our upcoming No-Tagz Resale Community store. Please check back periodically for update.

  • Small, portable, and working toasters, irons, microwaves, telephones, etc.

  • Baby items: New and gently used strollers,

  • Toys (not broken) small furniture, gently used mattresses etc.

  • Textbooks, encyclopedias

  • DVD's, albums and cassette tapes 

  • Clean Clothing, no stains rips, gently used or we can not accept them.

  • Shoes, men women and children and must be clean and free from stains, offensive smells and or rips.

  • Computers (working only) must be wiped clean of your personal information.

  • Small Furniture / Household items, such as, night stands, lamps, etc. 

  • Jewelry/accessories

  • Linen (no stains and must be clean, purses, men's wallets, backpacks and luggage is acceptable.

  • Rugs small to medium only, no rips please 

  • Stereo systems, radios, alarm clocks

  • Televisions (working only)

  • Toiletries (unopened only, please)


  1. Wash or dry-clean all clothing.
  2. Test electrical equipment and battery-operated items.
  3. Include all pieces and parts to children's games and toys
  4. Please Do Not:
  5. Donate broken, torn, or  soiled items.
  6. Give items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet current safety standards

     Sorry, We Cannot Accept: 

  •  Air Conditioners Ammunition/Explosives

  • Animals, rabbits, dogs, hamsters, etc.

  • Bathroom Fixtures Blinds

  • (unless in original boxes)

  • Clothing with stains, tears, or holes  

  • Construction supplies

  • Vanities, sinks, drywall, etc.

  • Hazardous materials

  • Paint, chemicals, poison, etc.

  • Large office equipment

  • Copy machines, sorters, etc.

  • Mattresses and box springs 

  • Tires, Wheels, and Automotive parts Wall-to-wall carpet and padding

  • Waterbeds Windows and Doors

                             Thank you!

For larger donations please call to schedule a pick-up: 281-936-8950

You may email us your questions at cc_hopefoundation@yahoo.com

Volunteers are always needed and highly always appreciated ! 

Visit us at: volunteerhou.org by clicking or copying the following link...    


C.C Hope does not discriminate, regardless of race, ethnic origin/nationality, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

Interested in holding a valuable community project or team-building activity for your corporation, school, community organization, or church?  

Then Host with us, a "Caring & Sharing" donation drive!

Donation drives are a great way for your employees, students and organizations to help our community. Doing so, promotes a positive means of giving back to the community, while cleaning out the clutter!

Interested in helping #1 Caring Handz's Parent Company, of Community Crisis of Hope Foundation, Inc. raise funds and reach their goals?

Here is how:

Just click the following link, sign up and register your cellphone. 

(Text : SMS (keyword : handz) with your email, and zip code (to: 70000) Each time you receive one of our text message offers  

#1 Caring Handz will earn a profit. Remember you choose what ads you want to receive with no obligation to ever buy anything at all and will be entered for a chance to win $5000 for signing up with I- Texts.

Remember, profits earned will be diverted back into our nonprofit The Caring Handz therefore helping our clients have a better life.

Complete your profile and configure your likes and preferences.

If you see something that looks intriguing or appealing simply access the offer from your phone. :Please Copy and paste the URL below if it isn't clickable:



                                                       14 Ideal Reasons to Give!

1. Someone you know asked you to give, and you wanted to help them

2. You felt emotionally moved by someone’s story

3. You want to feel you can help (this is especially true during disasters)

4. You want to feel you’re changing someone’s life

5. You feel a sense of closeness to a community or group

6. You want to memorialize someone (who is struggling or died of a disease, for example)

7. You were raised to give to charity—it’s tradition in my family

8. You want to be “hip,” and supporting this charity (i.e., wearing a yellow wrist band) is in style

9. It makes you feel connected to other people and builds your social network

10. You want to have a good image for yourself

11. You want to leave a legacy that perpetuates yourself, my ideals or my cause

12. You feel fortunate and want to give something back to others

13. You give for religious reasons—your faith teaches yourself to help others

14. You want to be seen as a leader/role model